Adam Soutar

Building SerenityOS on macOS

A few workarounds I needed to build Serenity on my machine.

SerenityOS is an operating system built by the SerenityOS contributors, started by Andreas Kling.

To run it on macOS, I had to do a few workarounds that didn't quite follow the build instructions.

To build Serenity on macOS,

Begin to follow the official build instructions.

Before the step of running


You'll need to run the following command to fix a warning about Xcode (You'll also need the CLI tools from xcode-select --install, but that's usually a safe assumption if you're developing on macOS).

sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/

Next, when at the make image stage, I needed to run it twice. The first time, you'll need to allow a system extension in System Preferences, which makes the step fail.

Before running make image again, run:

sudo mv ./mnt ./mnt.old

This just gets some files from the failed attempt out of the way.

After then running make image again, you should just be able to do make run to boot Serenity in QEMU.


One last interesting note is that booting Serenity in QEMU instantly and dramatically decreased the audio quality of the wireless headphones I had connected. I just thought that was interesting.

Side-note update

My speculation for why this happens is that Serenity accessed the mic in the headphones. Bluetooth streaming the audio & mic at the same time reduces audio quality.